Our program is divided into many categories based on the age, the level and the objective of each player.

Passe Partout Program: 3 to 5 years old in French

This program gives the opportunities to the little kids to learn the basics of soccer. It’s a good program to develop every Childs’ physician ability. This program is made to help young kids learn their physical capabilities and to build upon them. Read more (…)

Afterschool Program: 6 to 11 years old French or/and English

This program is for beginners to advanced players offered in French and Immersion Schools. It gives a good opportunity for kids to develop their skills right after school end. Each kid can integrate within this program easily as every child can advance at their own pace within given directives and goals per trimester. Read more (…)

Group Session: 6 to 17 years old – Intermediate to advanced level

This program is open to all players who want to develop their soccer skills while focusing on their tactical and individual technical skills. It will give them the extra boost and help they need to succeed within their personal goals of being a soccer player or to move forward within Faly Academy Soccer. Read more (…)

Private/ Semi Private Session: From 9 years old

These are a one- hour intensive training session with a minimum of 10 sessions. This program focuses on developing specific needs. Read more (…)

Goalkeeping Session: From 9 years old

If you want to improve your goalkeeping skills, this session will be the best opportunities to learn all the skills that you need. Our sessions are designed according to the European style of coaching. Read more (…)

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