Introducing Sean Hallam – FC Faly Executive Director

FC Faly is excited to announce that we have appointed a new Executive Director, Sean Hallam, who has joined the club as of January 3rd, 2023. In his new role, Sean will be responsible for all matters to do with the club off the pitch, and will coordinate closely with Coaches, Team Managers and Players to ensure the on-field operations run as smoothly as possible.

Sean has been an avid soccer fan from the age of 7 and is a lifelong supporter of Nottingham Forest FC. He has played various sports, including soccer, from a young age.

Sean moved to Canada from the UK in 2017 to pursue new adventures after qualifying as a lawyer. He has experience working with young people at an international language school and in all aspects of leading, managing and developing an organisation. He is excited to apply his skills, knowledge and experience to move FC Faly forward as the club continues to establish itself in the formal soccer community on the North Shore.

Having been involved in various youth sport, Sean is a firm believer in the value of youth soccer in enhancing the lives of young people and providing them with valuable skills and experience they can carry forward into all aspects of their lives.