“At Faly Academy, we always strive to help each player set realistic goals and provide a progressive learning environment to help them reach their full potential. Players will gradually begin to see what they are capable of and watching each player grow and be successful makes myself and all my coaches extremely proud.”



  • AGE 9
    The roots of this academy began in France when many of the coaches were 9-10 years old. They were all childhood friends who attended the same elementary school and their friendships through those early years developed a strong brother like bond. They all shared a passion for soccer. Some of the group played competitively for European clubs and a few of them moved up through the system to play at a very high level. But amongst them all, it was Faly who truly excelled.
    At the age of 13, Faly was scouted and was given the opportunity to train and play at the Youth National level for France. This was a very intense and challenging time for Faly, but his hard work and determination brought him great success. Within two short years, at the age of 15, Faly became a semi–pro soccer athlete and was selected to play for France’s top team. When he was 17, he had the honor of being selected for the French National team and competed extensively throughout Europe.
    Life always throws curve balls and for Faly, his career changed dramatically when he was 21. He suffered a significant injury that took him 8 months to recover. While recovering from his injury, his motivation to continue to play at the National level begin to wane and he decided to think about other life options.

  • After his recovery, he continued his playing career for teams in Germany and England. While he was playing in England, his childhood friends followed him there and this is where Faly’s dream for his own academy started.
Since then, their academy and the players they coach have been their primary focus. Their dream to develop great soccer players continues with every player they coach.