F.A.S Team


Faly Basse

Faly is one of the director of the Academy.

Faly started to play his early age at ETG, at the age of 14 years old he integrate the Training Center in Strasbourg FC. 2 years later he was called in the French National Team U17 and also played his 1st professional game with Strasbourg.

After getting injured Faly travel around the world to play Soccer, (Germany, New York, Switzerland). Unfortunately, after few weeks starting the practice with Crystal Palace Faly get injured for a second and it was the end of his professional career.

After few months of recovering he decided to start coaching as his passion of soccer was still so high. In London first with Duet Academy for 3 years and then open his own academy in Vancouver.

Technical Director, Manager, Head coach of the U14 team Faly have severals positions in the Academy.


Rem Dinga

Rem Dinga is one of the directors of the Faly Academy.

Rem started playing from an early age at Evian-Thonon-Gaillard until the age of 15. Since then he has been training players  in various countries like France, Switzerland and England. Since his arrival in Vancouver in 2008, he has started the Faly Academy with fellow director Faly Basse.

He coaches the U15 as head coach U10.

Rem’s vision of soccer is: “Only professional teams need to win, young teams don’t. We just need to make our players better. It’s all about learning and developing skills, ball control, passing, position and working on the mental side: so at the end you have a more complete player and you build a wonderful person”.


Koffi Noumedor

Koffi Noumedor is one of the directors of the Faly Academy.

Koffi started playing soccer at the age of 5 at Evian-Thonon-Gaillard (ETG). His position was central defender.

For 2 years he played in the second league in Switzerland.

After all these years, he became interested in soccer tactics. Afterwards he turned towards training young people to soccer. He also practiced handball which fostered his skills about ball possession.

He is in charge of the U11 and the U15. As technical director he designs training scheme of all the teams within the academy.


Ange Bourangon

Ange Bourangon started playing Soccer at the US Annemasse at the age of 7 years old. He continued his training at  E.T.G (2nd div) from U13 to U17 at the level of Honor League in France.

At the age of 20 years old, Ange played a few games with the semi-professional team and then went to play in Switzerland in the 2nd division for 3 years.

In 2006, he moved to England to get more coaching experience and training for 2 years at the Duet Academy before starting with Faly Academy Soccer in Vancouver

Ange acts as head coach of the U13 and U14 teams


Ibou Basse

Ibrahima (known as ‘Ibou’) Basse is the vice coach of the U11 and U12 teams and Head coach of the U10

Ibou started playing soccer at an early age at the Evian-Thonon-Gaillard (ETG) in the French second league as front striker.

He was also playing at the age of 18years old in FC Servette (Geneva,Switzerland).

Since the age of 22 he starts coach in London with his big brother Faly Basse.

Ibou started working at the academy in 2014.


Valentin Cartier

Valentin Cartier is the goalkeeper coach of the Faly Academy teams from the U10 to the U17.

Valentin started soccer at the age of 4. He has been playing soccer for more than 22 years. He played as a semi-professional goalkeeper at national and competitive levels over 10 years, in France and in the Czech Republic:

– Played as a first goalkeeper over 300 adult games at national levels in France and Czech Republic. Team captain during some seasons.

– Two-time champion of the highest French university level competition in 2011 and 2012 with the François Rabelais University of Tours. Captain of the winning team in 2012.

Valentin started working at the Faly Academy in september 2016.

Pending certification “Soccer for Life” from BC Soccer


Adrien Fonsny

Adrien started playing soccer at an early age for the Crossing Schaerbeek in Belgium as a left winger/back.

He played at the semi professionnel level in different clubs in Belgium.

At the age of 20 he starts to get involved in coaching and built his knowledge since then.

Adrien  started working at the academy in September 2015.


Kais Louati

Kais Louati coaches the U13 of Faly Academy as an assistant and U9 as a head coach.

He started playing soccer at the age of 7. At the age of 13, he signed for the U13 of “Sfax

Railway Sport”, one of the best players’ development club in Tunisia. He played as an attacking midfielder.

After leaving the semi-professional team at the age of 20, he dedicated his life to coaching and studying at the university.

In September 2014, he joined Faly Academy few months after his arrival to Canada and became an assistant coach and Manager of the NSGSC team “Hearts” winning the Select B league title and the Provincial B cup in 2016.

Kais is certified “Soccer for Life” from BC Soccer.