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Faly Academy Soccer is passionate about nurturing the talent of young soccer players, training and coaching them with experience and passion. Our main specialty is that we treat our young learners like family. We have created a team that shares a bond like that of family. Our way of training puts a smile on our trainers’ faces; the success of our players makes us proud.

Our Origins & Story

Faly Academy Soccer is the work and passion of a group of friends and it’s safe to say our origins date back years, because in a way, the roots of this academy began when we were all 9-10 years old. We went to twebsite-historyhe same elementary school in France, shared a love like siblings since our families were close, and loved playing soccer together. We inspired and supported each other through thick and thin. We were, and are family.

Out all of us, Faly truly excelled in soccer. At 13, he played at the national level and became a semi-pro at 15. He attained professional coaching and underwent intensive training as he played for France’s best team at that time. At 17, he played for the French National Team and traveled throughout Europe for his matches.

Things changed when he was 21 – and that eventually became the conceptualization of this academy. Faly suffered a serious injury that immobilized him for 8 months. Though he was still under contract, his motivation waned and he decided to begin a new journey. This time off allowed for the development of his patience and a deeper understanding of the body and mind.

Once Faly recovered, he decided to play in other countries like Germany, USA, and England. While he was in London, his friends moved there as well. This is where the concept became a reality – a dream they never realized they have. The family-like group of friends truly dove into coaching and developed their inner gift: teaching children how to play, enjoy, and excel at soccer. Passing on their experience and knowledge to kids has been their primary focus since that time.

Faly Academy Soccer is the result of passion for soccer that existed since our childhood – this is a dream we will never take for granted!

Our Coaching

From France, England to finally Vancouver, Faly Academy Soccer became a professional kids’ soccer coaching team. The group of friends are as passionate as ever and are able to instruct aspiring athletes in both, English and French. Their focus is to provide coaching that will make them achieve their wildest dreams related to soccer. One of the most common things you can hear from the players of Faly Academy Soccer is that they feel like they are part of a family. That’s because they are – a soccer family that started in youth and is continuing to inspire the young players of the future.