SAAC Member


We are proud to announce that Faly Academy Soccer is now a member of SAAC. After years of hard work and developing young players in BC, we are very proud to be recognized by the Soccer Academy Alliance Canada as a soccer academy.

Being a SAAC member is a big leap for us and will induce many changes:

– More games with other SAAC members in BC and in the rest of Canada

– Access to Canadian tournaments – Access to US leagues and tournaments

– A new League in BC with other SAAC members

– Greater exposure vis-a-vis Canadian and US universities and professional clubs

– Being a part of an organization sharing the vision of developing soccer in Canada.


About SAAC,
SAAC was established in 2005, with a vision to develop world class soccer players in Canada on a continual and systematic basis by providing our members with the best-in-class training, facilities and competition. Membership has grown from 25 teams and just under 400 players to over 150 teams and 2,500 players in 2016.  In the past nine years, Academy graduates have gone on to professional careers, trials overseas, NCAA scholarships and Canadian Universities. SAAC boasts some of the most experienced and educated coaches in the country, with over 75 professionally licensed coaches currently employed by its membership.