We hope you find the answers to the frequently asked questions below helpful. If you have further questions please email info@falyacademy.com. Who knows, your question may get added to the list.


We strive to nurture and empower our players to achieve their own personal best both on and off the field.

We have players from all over the Lower Mainland.  Some players are only training once a week for extra development and some are full time with the Academy.  We welcome all players part-time or full-time. We have over 400 players training with Faly Academy.

No.  We have taken teams to the US for tournaments, US ID camps for our U16 –U18 players, and friendly games in Seattle with the Puget Sound Premier League.

Our European training methodology fully meets the goals of Canada Soccer and BC Soccer’s long-term player development goals.  We strive to ensure that all players progress and grow to have a passion for the game.

Absolutely not – every player deserves a chance! We are committed to training all players at all levels.  We focus on the individualized development philosophy and we desire to have all our players love this beautiful game no matter what their current level of play.

Each week, all the coaches meet to discuss player development and placement.  If a player needs to be moved to a new group (for whatever reason) the Academy will contact you directly to discuss this change.  The coaches make all placement decisions as a team.

No, we have training options and development programs for everyone and we welcome all players at any level to train with Faly Academy.

Yes.  However, players can withdraw from the program before the beginning of their 4th attended session. If a player withdraws before that deadline, the player will receive a pro-rated refund minus a $75 cancellation fee. After the 4th attended session, you are committed for the duration of the program.

Contact the following, in this order:  

  1. Coach
  2. Assistant Technical Director ange@falyacademy.com

We offer training at the following locations:  Empire Fields, Collingwood Independent School, Mulgrave Independent School, and over 5 different Francophone Schools in the Lower Mainland.


Faly Academy has teams and they are all under the umbrella of the Elite Training Program.  We have Pre–Elite (U9-U14), Elite (U15 –U21) and Travel Teams.

NO, playing jerseys are not permitted during practice.  

If you are new to the Academy and are interested in more than just extra training and development, please email our Assistant Technical Director, Valentin Cartier (ange@falyacademy.com) to request an initial assessment.  After the initial assessment, the Academy will then be in direct contact with the parents and player to discuss the next steps for their player.  Some players are immediately placed on a roster and some players will be given a development plan to support their desire to be part of the Elite program.

Yes, Travel Teams are highly selective.  These teams participate in international tournaments and Faly Academy will only take players who are capable of competing in a high-pressure situation. All players are expected to have a “play to win” attitude.

No, any player can try out for a Travel Team.  Rosters are gradually built during the year and players can be added to the roster up to 2 months before the trip.  It is important to note, that all full time Elite players will be given priority for travel rosters as long as their skill and attitude meets Faly Academy’s requirements for that team.

No, we don’t guarantee spots for any player.  Rosters will change every year.

The level of play is very high in Europe and all the coaches want to ensure that every team has a successful trip. Faly Academy will only take teams that can successfully compete in Europe.  This means that each player must have a high skill level, mental attitude and the confidence to travel as a team.

Faly Academy will announce which teams travel that year by late Fall. Tournaments will vary from year to year.  Over the past three years, teams have participated in the Paris World Cup, Dallas IberCup and the San Marino Cup.

Yes.  The teams selected to travel to Europe will begin their training at FC METZ for 10 days before any tournament.

No.  Travel Teams are selected according to ability to compete successfully internationally.  

Many factors are taken into consideration. The entire coaching staff is involved in this decision-making process.

All athletes are selected by the coaches and head director from FC METZ. While the players are training as a team in the FC METZ facility, a player MIGHT be identified for either a tryout or a training exchange.  This selection does NOT come from the Academy. If your player is identified, Faly Basse, Faly Academy’s Technical Director, then becomes heavily involved in the negotiation of all the details.

 Only our Technical Director is permitted to communicate with FC METZ.


Yes, they can register for any after school program.  Contact ange@falyacademy.com for more specific information.

No. Elite team players will have first priority to semi-private training. Semi-private training will be open to all other players depending on availability.

Discuss this directly with your Elite Coach and they will then work on scheduling a semi-private session with one or more players to ensure a good match. For non-elite players, contact faly@falyacademy.com.

Discuss this directly with your Elite team coach. For non-elite players, contact faly@falyacademy.com.

Every training session will have at least two coaches working with the players throughout the season. However, there will be one coach in charge of the training plan for the group.

Yes.  Girls can play on pre-elite teams and we are now offering girl only group training sessions.

Sports Medicine

Yes.  Injury prevention is of the utmost importance and playing other sports will help to avoid overuse injuries.  Most of our athletes are “soccer first” players but do participate in many of their elementary and high school sports teams and programs.

Yes. Sean Campbell, owner of Cypress Physiotherapy and Health is our Director of Sports Medicine. His entire team of therapists are available to treat all Faly Academy players.

Sean needs to know if an Elite Player is injured.  All Elite athletes are closely monitored and tracked by Sean and his team.  Sean is currently re-designing Faly Academy’s training protocols for the 2018/2019 season. Our two travel teams are now in the implementation phase of these new training protocols and regimes.

No.  You can choose to work with any another therapist.  Sean would like to be informed of the progress of the injury if you chose to seek help elsewhere.  Faly Academy has very strict “return to play” protocols.


Yes.  This is new to Faly Academy.  Everyone must register online for all programs.

All registration payments are handled through TeamSnap with credit card payments.

Your player will receive an email invite with a link to register if they have been asked to join this program.

Yes and no.  We are transitioning into our new training kit with the new logo.  For the upcoming season, all players will be permitted to wear the old training kit.  By the 2019/2020 season, players will be asked to purchase the new kit.

Schedules are set throughout the summer and registration for the 2018/2019 season will open online in late August.