FC Faly Program (U9+)

The FC Faly Program is Faly Academy’s high performance program designed for serious football players wanting a full time developmental approach.

This full-time program offers the next level of training for any serious player wanting to be a “soccer first” athlete. We believe the learning process begins with our players being fully motivated and determined to learn and progress. These qualities eventually will lead to attaining new improved specific skills. The ultimate benefit then, is that the player will not only attain greater individual confidence with their game play but most importantly, improved self-esteem.

The FC Faly Program is the highest level of training and development in our academy. Any player can request an evaluation session to join the FC Faly Program during team practices throughout the entire season. Parents and players must understand that decisions can take time and the selection process is very fluid as academy coaches are constantly evaluating all academy players. In other words, no matter what development level a player may be, the coaches are always watching to see if a player is ready to join the FC Faly Program.

Following an evaluation, the Technical Director has full discretion to offer the player the opportunity to join the FC Faly Program.

There is a range of skill and potential within this program. Our coaches realize this variation of potential so they work with each player to develop a long-term development plan with a clear vision of what lies ahead in their training. The coaches also meet with each FC Faly Program’s player and their parents throughout the year to discuss their progress, and set goals– goal setting. Achieving those targets are great measurement tools to track each player’s progress.

Goalies will receive training that will provide them with unique skill development in terms of practice, learning, mentality and relationship with teammates.

Each season is 10 months long and runs for 3 terms (Fall, Winter, Spring) from September to June

Training sessions are held at a combination of Empire Fields at Hastings Park and Collingwood Secondary School throughout the season.

What's Included?

All players who join the FC Faly Program will receive the following:

  • Full Kit: track suit, home and away game jersey, training jersey, shorts and socks.
  • Players are registered with BC Soccer, and either the North Shore Youth Soccer Association (U9 to U15) (upon acceptance) or the Vancouver Metro Soccer League (U16 and up)
  • 3 practices per week with semi pro/pro coaches (U9 – U13)
  • 3 – 4 practices per week with semi pro/pro coaches (U14 +)
  • Full access to book additional semi-privates and private sessions with the Technical Director, Head Coach and/or Assistant Head Coach (additional payment will apply).
  • Weekend friendly games against BC Academies, Local Metro (Div 1) Teams and BCSPL teams.
  • Ongoing verbal assessments, and one formal annual assessment with the Technical Director, Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach.
  • Support for post-secondary recruitment. Faly Academy has partnered with Options Solutions to provide our FC Faly Program’s players with complimentary educational workshops regarding the recruitment process in Canada and the United States. Click here for more info.
  • Video analysis throughout the entire season – individual and team.
  • Annual Player Development Plan, which includes one annual goal setting meeting emphasizing “strength –based development” focusing on five long term development areas; Individual Character, Technical, Tactical, Physical & Mental.
  • Mid-season review of Player Development Plan and ongoing verbal feedback throughout entire season
  • Participation in Local High-Performance Tournaments.
  • Travel –US and European Tournaments (Post-Covid) (additional payment will apply).
  • Full access to Faly Academy’s Sport med team in the event of injuries. The FC Faly player’s recovery is closely tracked by the coach(es) and therapist(s). Additional payment will apply but FC Faly players will have booking priority.
  • Access to the Intelligent Athlete Program. Faly Academy has partnered with Cypress Physiotherapy and Health, and owner Sean Campbell, to provide a holistic sports health & nutritional program for FC Faly Program’s players. Click here for more info.
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FC Faly Registration Open For 2021-2022 Season

See program description above for everything included in the FC Faly Program.

Program Details:

  • Location:  Empire Fields, Hastings Park / Collingwood Secondary School
  • Season: 10 Months / 3 Terms (Fall, Winter & Spring)
  • Dates: September 2021 – June 2022
  • Price (U9 – U13): $1850.00 +GST – Girls and Boys
  • Price (U14 + ): $2450.00 +GST – Girls and Boys
  • Payment Options: Full payment or 3 installment payments (per term)
  • Full Kit: track suit, home and away game jersey, training jersey, shorts and socks.
  • BONUS: Pre-Season Training Week included at NO CHARGE for 2021-2022 season only
Refund Policy:
  • If withdrawing before the deadline prior to the beginning of the 4th session, the player will receive a pro-rated refund minus a $75 cancellation fee.
  • After the 4th session, refunds will only be considered for injury, illness or extended travel of more than a month.
  • Partial refunds will not be given for missed practices, games or tournaments.
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