The FC Faly Fundamentals team program offers a new way to discover football for boys and girls. This program creates an enjoyable learning environment where we focus on teaching the basics of football through fun and cognitive activities. We work directly with the kids to develop key motor skills such as running, jumping, and side shuffling so that they can learn to control their body movements and the ball. Our sessions teach the kids about the love of football while they learn to play alongside their friends.

The FC Faly Fundamentals team program is designed for U5-U7 boys and girls to enjoy and progress through their soccer development with an emphasis on “fun”.


Each season is 10 months long and runs from September to June.


Training is typically played at French Schools, Collingwood School and/or Empire Fields.

What's Included?

All players who register with FC Faly between the ages of U5 and U7 will receive the following:

  • 1 practice a week (40 sessions / $20 per session)
  • Training from a dedicated professional coach
  • 2 FC Faly custom jerseys, 2 shorts and 2 socks
  • Players are registered with BC Soccer and the North Shore Youth Soccer Association.
How Much?

$800 + GST

Payment Options: 

  • Full payment, or 
  • 4 instalment payments (First payment due at registration, then October, January and April
Refund Policy

If withdrawing before the deadline which is the 4 practice session (inclusive), the player will receive a pro-rated refund minus a $75 cancellation fee, if they have submitted the full amount during registration.

The 1st instalment is non refundable.

After the 4th session, refunds will only be considered for injury, illness or extended travel of more than a month and are applicable to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th instalments only.

Partial refunds will not be given for missed practices, games or tournaments.

Program Focus
A recreational introduction to the game of soccer
Actively encourages the type of physical exercise you would commonly find in a school playground which includes running, jumping, throwing and catching a ball. By establishing an environment of self confidence among the participants, a gentle exposure to the basic, fundamental ball skills can be introduced. The positioning and stance of the body to enable a ball to be kicked correctly, the parts of the foot best suited to kicking a ball, simple balancing techniques and of course, a little informal and relaxed game time.
Early Development: The basic foundations to the game of soccer
Educates players to understand the principles of the game, very basic rules and regulations, communication with fellow players, control and passing movement, body coordination and posture and small field, informal game time. Provide as much opportunity for the children to have the ball at their feet and encourage creativity with an emphasis on pleasure.