Goalkeeper Summer Camps

Goalkeeper Summer Camps

Age Groups: U11 - U21

After long summer breakS, it is important for players to prepare for their upcoming season and these camps are designed to get the goalkeepers ready both physically and technically.

Summer Goalkeeping camps consist of a condensed, fast paced, learning environment that allows the goalkeepers to work on the technical, tactical and physical elements of the game.

For the Younger age group, the sessions will focus on fun, engaging highly knowledgeable training based on the fundamentals of goalkeeping. Each day will be narrowly focussed on a specific fundamental topic ( See below) with a mixture of intensive and slower technical drills for the kids to not only learn but become even more engaged with their position on the pitch. We firmly believe that players should understand the reasoning behind the techniques they are learning so they have deeper football intelligence when on the field.

For the older age group they will be having more advanced training sessions on the variety of topics mentioned as well but also including some more advanced techniques to begin learning and developing to become the modern day goalkeepers the position demands today. As well, some of the days will include visual coaching in the Academy classroom. Backing up our training with video . examples done by other top professionals is a great way to reinforce all the lessons the developing keepers will be learning.

Topics will include: Handling. Distribution, Footwork and Diving techniques, Aerial Play and Positioning, Reactions and Goalkeeper movements.

New Player Tryouts are welcome.

Summer camp availability will be outlined on this page, when available.