Faly Academy has partnered with Cypress Physiotherapy and Health, and owner Sean Campbell, to provide a holistic sports health & nutritional program for FC Faly players.

With this program, Sean Campbell will oversee and manage all aspects of athlete health and performance for FC Faly team players, including:

  • Provide ongoing on-field and classroom education sessions for athletes and parents
  • Provide Injury management
  • Implement Player Injury Tracking
  • Create and implement age and level specific pre-habilitation and injury prevention for all ages and  levels
  • Create and implement performance conditioning for FC Faly teams
  • Coordinate therapists for travel teams
  • Professional development for Academy Coaches

For more information, talk to your FC Faly team coach or contact


Sean's Bio:

Sean Campbell, owner of Cypress Physiotherapy and Health, is an active physical therapist, educator and Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation Consultant based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Sean's journey to physiotherapy began as an elite athlete who suffered a series of injuries and found that physiotherapy allowed him not only to recover more quickly, but also to perform even better than he had before he was injured. Sean draws on his extensive academic training, clinical experience and elite performance background to help both athletes and active-livers of all ages reach their full potential, so they can achieve optimal performance without sacrificing their health or body.

Sean has been involved in elite sport for more than 25 years as an athlete, therapist and Performance Consultant. His competitive career highlights included the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, a Pan American Games gold medal and eight National Championships in field hockey.

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