Mental coaching develops the mental psychological aspect of performance achievement. This is a specific term used to describe the mental techniques necessary for consistent high performance and enjoyment. There is scientific evidence that psychological skills such as focus, concentration, determination and commitment, target setting, confidence and communication can be learned and developed.

Psychological skills are important for enabling performers attitudes towards pushing personal boundaries and managing the dark periods of physical fatigue and mental frustration in the pursuit of personal objectives and excellence. There are a number of psychological skills that have been identified to be important for human achievement and performance: motivation, imagery, emotion control, thought control, mental planning and team building. Mental coaching is used to design and develop systematic psychological skill training programs to assist aspiring performers towards personal and performance excellence.

Consequently, the development of psychological skills requires a systematic training program and the main goals are performance enhancement, personal goal setting and mental well-being.

Due to the highly individualized aspects of the mental coaching program, parents and players are asked to contact our Technical Director, Faly Basse ( to set up an initial meeting fully discuss the player’s support needs and goals.