Position specific training

position specific development

Position specific Development

Position specific development training is designed as semi-private sessions that are fully focused on training players on skills and tactics for their specific position as either strikers, midfielders or defenders. Also, we often find that players “think that they should be playing in a certain position” when players might be more suited to another. We designed these positional camps to provide our players with the opportunity to understand their strengths as a player more clearly and to be open to learning and considering playing in their best-suited positions.

Players attending these training sessions will:

  • Develop a skill set that is specific to the position most
    suited for them.
  • Benefit from small-group training environment with other players with similar goals.
  • Provides the opportunity for our coaches to observe, analyze and identify each player’s unique skill set to ensure that they are playing in the best position for that player.

Watch for registrations for this training during Spring and Summer camps.


For more information, reach out to info@falyacademy.com.