Private and semi-private development sessions are available as a priority to elite team players. Elite team coaches will ask elite players at beginning of the season for interest in these sessions.  Academy coaches, together, review and discuss the goals for the private sessions and which coach would be best suited to train a given player. Elite players and their parents are to speak directly to their coach for semi-private or private development sessions.

Players and parents must understand that these sessions are intense and demand an extremely high level of focus. When a player requests to be part of a weekly private or semi-private session, the academy will decide which group best fits the player.

SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS -Skill level, age and the player’s availability will be taken into consideration when scheduling a semi-private. Once in a semi–private group, the coach will identify each member’s key technical goal and then, the player will be challenged to improve in that area in a small group ranging from 3-6 players. Email Rem@falyacademy.comto schedule your semi private session with any of our coaches.

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