Semi-private development sessions are available to both Faly Academy elite team players as well as players new to the academy and playing with other club teams. The semi-private development sessions are designed to supplement the player's development already on their soccer team while fast forwarding a players skill level, fitness and soccer IQ in smaller more focused groups.

Many past players and parents have said these development sessions have progressed the player's abilities the quickest in a short period of time.

Academy coaches, together, review and discuss the goals for the semi-private sessions and which coach would be best suited to train a given player.

Players and parents must understand that these sessions are intense and demand an extremely high level of focus. When a player requests to be part of a weekly semi-private session, the academy will decide which group best fits the player.

Skill level, age and the player’s availability will be taken into consideration when scheduling a semi-private. Once in a semi–private group, the coach will identify each member’s key technical goal and then, the player will be challenged to improve in that area in a small group ranging from 2-6 players.

Elite players and their parents are to speak directly to their coach for semi-private development sessions.

New players to the academy should contact

We're excited to offer our Semi-Private Training Sessions this fall of 2023, where players aged 9 and up will work in small groups of 4 to 6 players under the guidance of an FC Faly coach. These sessions are available in two durations:

  • 60-minute sessions held at the Andre Piolat Gym and/or Collingwood Wentworth Gym.
  • 90-minute sessions conducted at the Mulgrave Turf and/or SFU Turf.

Session Package:

These semi-private sessions are available in a package of six sessions, running from October to December. To register, please click here!

Important Notes:

  • This is a first-come, first-serve opportunity. Once the sessions are fully booked, they won't be available until our next set of sessions begins in January.
  • For a session to take place, we require a minimum of 4 players to sign up for that particular time slot. In case we don't reach the minimum, we'll offer the registered players an alternative time slot and/or a full refund.
  • These sessions are open to all soccer players, whether you're part of our club or not. Given the high demand we anticipate, we encourage you to book your preferred time slot promptly.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward you to joining us!