Teams U15-U18


The FC Faly U16-U21 team programs is designed as a high performance program for serious football players (boys and girls) wanting a full time developmental approach while following a development plan to meet each players goals.

To register, refer to the “How to Register” section below.

This full-time program offers the high performance training for any serious player wanting to be a “soccer first” athlete. We believe the learning process begins with our players being fully motivated and determined to learn and progress. These qualities eventually will lead to attaining new improved specific skills. The ultimate benefit then, is that the player will not only attain greater individual confidence with their game play but most importantly, improved self-esteem.

There is a range of skill and potential within this program. Our coaches realize this variation of potential so they work with each player to develop a long-term development plan with a clear vision of what lies ahead in their training. The coaches also meet with each FC Faly player and their parents throughout the year to discuss their progress, and set goals. Achieving those targets are great measurement tools to track each player’s progress.

Goalies will receive dedicated goalkeeper training that will provide them with unique skills development in terms of practice, learning, mentality and relationship with teammates.


Each season is 10 months long and runs from September to June.


Training sessions are held at Collingwood Secondary School and various turf fields on the North Shore.

What's Included?

Players are registered with BC Soccer, and the North Shore Youth Soccer Association and play in the following leagues (league fees and insurance costs included):

  • BC Coastal Soccer League – September – March
  • Cascadia League – April – June

Also included:

  • A dedicated professional coach for the entire 10 month program
  • 3 practices per week & 1 league game (sometimes 2 games if they play up in age)
  • 1 local Fall or Spring tournament
  • 1 in-person development assessment with coach
  • Full access to book additional semi-privates and private sessions with the Technical Director, Head Coach and/or Assistant Head Coach (additional payment will apply).
  • Ongoing verbal assessments, and one formal annual assessment with the Technical Director, Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach.
  • Video analysis – FC Faly utilize the VEO game recording devices and often analyze the footage and either review with teams or individuals
  • Annual Player Development Plan, which includes one annual goal setting meeting emphasizing “strength –based development” focusing on five long term development areas; Individual Character, Technical, Tactical, Physical & Mental.
  • Mid-season review of Player Development Plan and ongoing verbal feedback throughout entire season
  • Participation in Local High-Performance Tournaments (Additional fees may apply)
  • Travel –US and European Tournaments (additional fees may apply).
  • Full access to FC Faly’s Sport med team in the event of injuries. The FC Faly player’s recovery is closely tracked by the coach(es) and therapist(s). Additional payment will apply but FC Faly players will have booking priority.
  • Access to the Intelligent Athlete Program. FC Faly’s has partnered with Cypress Physiotherapy and Health, and owner Sean Campbell, to provide a holistic sports health & nutritional program for FC Faly Program’s players. Click here for more info.
  • Discounted rates at TOCA North Vancouver
How Much?

$2620 + game kit ($150) and TeamSnap fees

Payment Options:

Full payment, or 

Instalment payments:

  • Registration – $500 deposit
  • September 1st – 50% of remaining balance
  • December 1st – final 50% of remaining balance
How to Register?
  • Existing players will receive a registration link. 

  • New players interested in joining FC Faly should fill out the Join Us form and we will arrange for you to tryout with the team.

Refund Policy

The registration deposit is non refundable.

Refunds will only be considered for season ending injuries or illnesses (doctor’s note required) or unexpected extended travel of more than two months. Refunds will not be given for missed or cancelled practices, games or tournaments.

Program Focus

Reach for the Sky

With the introduction of 11 v11 and full size fields for game time, the FC Faly program enhances all the knowledge and understanding of the game learned to date and formulates to another level of skill progression. There is a directive to work with players far more technically and to home-in on personal, individual qualities that favour particular positional play and to build on such strengths without ignoring the need to overcome weaknesses. A broader approach to the game is coached which includes nutritional and dietary teaching measures for sustained and better health, and mental awareness to cope with the ups and downs of soccer which can be applied to winning, losing and injury recovery. It is a period within FC Faly which pays a lot of attention towards the speed and pace of the game. Whilst individualism is always encouraged, soccer is a team sport and the awareness and movement of others on the field of play is a constant topic for discussion. There is no ceiling to the progress that can be made from the FC Faly program.