University Recruitment


Faly Academy has partnered with Options Solutions to provide our academy’s FC Faly team players with complimentary educational workshops regarding the recruitment process in Canada and the United States.

Melinda Giampietro, President of Options Solutions, will host informative workshop sessions which explore the truths and myths of recruitment, academic preparation, the new NCAA rules, and recruitment timelines. Melinda will highlight the critical steps required to help ensure that our athletes get themselves “on the board” and “seen” by U.S. and Canadian coaches. Melinda will be connecting a few times throughout each season.

Melinda’s Bio:

Melinda Giampietro, president of Options Solutions, is a vibrant and widely respected educational consultant in the fields of academic planning, career counseling, university admissions, and sports recruitment. Melinda holds multiple degrees in education, and she is a graduate of both the Counseling for College Institute and the Harvard Institute on College Admissions. Before she started Options Solutions, she worked as an Advanced Placement (AP) teacher, an assistant principal, an acting principal, head of a counseling department, and an academic planner focusing on university admissions. Melinda has also written articles for and served as an expert on post-secondary issues for the Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, and Canadian Student Magazine. With her expertise, network, enthusiasm, and genuine love for education, Melinda has built Options Solutions to be the industry standard in educational consultancies in Canada.

Options Solutions is Canada's premier educational consulting practice, focusing on academic planning, post-secondary admission, and sports recruitment. We create a safe space for adolescents to identify their interests and goals, provide them with the information and tools to make informed educational decisions, and empower them to define their own paths to success.