Community, Leadership, Mentoring, and Excellence in soccer development will equal maximum results no matter what the individual’s desire and potential. This coaching approach makes our players feel worthy, encouraging them to strive for personal excellence. They start to see their own potential as a player and a person, striving to reach their individual goals. Many of our players report that our Academy has made them “look differently at the game” and as a result, they look at themselves very differently.



Faly Academy is a bilingual Soccer Academy. All our coaches are French speaking and can deliver instruction in both French and English. All our coaches provide excellent European soccer skill instruction in both languages and are active coaches in French and English schools in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC.


Faly Academy has a strong sense of community with all our players and families. Player, parents and coaches are truly united. Our training approach puts a smile on our players because we create “nurturing personalized learning” within our community of players.

We believe that a sense of belonging is key to all our player’s success. We welcome any player, at any level to our academy and there is a pathway of development for everyone. The pace at which each player develops will vary but no matter what the pace, our coaches will strive to help each player succeed.


At the Faly Academy our Director of Sports Medicine and Performance , Sean Campbell, and the elite team at Cypress Physiotherapy and Health are involved in the management of all aspects of athlete health and performance. They provide ongoing classroom and on field education and performance sessions for athletes of all ages and levels within the academy. They are also involved in injury tracking and management, travelling with the Academy teams, rehabilitation of injuries in clinic, return to play, concussion management and strength and conditioning. The Cypress group works closely with all of the academy coaches to ensure all academy athletes are healthy, safe and perform to their potential.


Faly academy is an official partner with FC Metz, French Premier Ligue 2. This partnership gives our Elite players the opportunity to receive annual International trips,by invite-only educational exchange programs and tryouts at the FC Metz training center in Metz, France. Players board at the facility and are under coaching instruction by some of the world’s finest Elite youth soccer coaches.


Mental coaching or training develops the mental psychological aspect of performance achievement. This is a specific term used to describe the mental techniques necessary for consistent high performance and enjoyment.

There is scientific evidence that psychological skills such as focus and concentration, determination and commitment, target setting, confidence and communication can be learned and developed.

There are a number of psychological skills that have been identified to be important for human achievement and performance: motivation, imagery, emotion control, thought control, mental planning and team building.

Consequently, the development of psychological skills requires a systematic training program designed to the technical, physical or tactical skills in any sports.

For more information email valentin@falyacademy.com


Each summer, the Academy will take selected Travel teams to Europe. The purpose of our yearly trips outside of Canada is to provide an opportunity for our players to be seen and evaluated, exposing them to a challenging and professional training environment, and to compete internationally. These life-changing experiences allow players to start to become more independent and gain memories that they will never forget.


SOCCER ACADEMY ALLIANCE CANADA was established in 2005. Its vision is to develop world class soccer players in Canada on a continual and systematic basis by providing our members with the best-in-class training, facilities and competition. Membership has grown from 25 teams and just under 400 players to over 150 teams and 2,500 players. In the past nine years, Academy graduates have moved on to professional careers, trials overseas, NCAA scholarships and Canadian Universities. SAAC boasts some of the most experienced and educated coaches in the country with over 75 professionally licensed coaches currently employed by its membership.

The Faly Academy was accepted in the Spring 2017 as a member of this soccer alliance. We are a member in good standing with our governing body.