COVID-19 Update - March 26

On behalf of Faly Academy, we hope that every family is doing well during this tumultuous time. We are writing this email to share important information. Please
read this carefully until the end.

1. COVID-19: Update on cancelation of our programs
As you may know, the situation regarding the COVID-19 hasn’t been improving. As a result of the last update from BC Soccer health, all of our activities (Elite team and Group Development) will still be postponed until further notice. For more information on this situation, please follow the link below:

2. Training session through video
In the meantime, the progression of our players remains our priority. In order to maintain a certain regularity in training and keep the concentration high, videos of training sessions will be sent weekly to all players. We will adapt these videos to their level and age. The first training video will be shared on Monday 30th of March on TeamSnap. 

The location for training can be any large flat surface whether indoor or outdoor will work. Options include:

  • Back yard field (grass or turf)
  • Bedroom
  • Garage…

The only equipment needed will be a soccer ball. Feel free to use other training equipment such as cones, walls or soccer net if you have them. It is not necessary but will highly help your children in their training. Dear parents, you are welcome to train with your children.

3. Summer Camps 2020
For your Information, the Faly Academy Soccer will run the summer camps for the entire months of July and August. The camps will occur from July 6th to 31st and Aug 4th to 28th.

Please stay safe, and we hope to see you on the field soon.

Faly Academy Soccer